A Gap Hard to Accept!

DESIRE ==> EXPECTATIONS, WISHES & WANTS that goes on multiplying with every new day!

DESERVE ==> Calibre that grows within its own genre and at its own pace!

A Baby who starts to Crawl Wishes to Walk!
He is Desirous of Walking while Deserves to Crawl!

There’s a perpetual Gap between DESIRE & DESERVE.
Human Mind is incapable of weighing them on equal scales.

Often, we Desire more than what we Deserve; While at times, we don’t Desire as much as we Deserve i.e. keeping low expectations from ourselves.

More often than not,
DESIRE walks ahead of DESERVE.
‘Believing in Oneself’ is a sine qua non of One’s Progress. But it’s overdo gives birth to the notion :
‘I Deserve All what I Desire’ !

Howbeit in some rare instances, DESIRE can be underrated too. Wherein
You abstain from giving something a Try, presuming it to be out of reach, there comes
‘Underestimation of Oneself’.

Though, high Desires being a cause of anxiety and frustration, is a Positive way to live Life as opposed to ‘Underestimation’, which is highly Negative.

Imperative question to be asked in both scenarios:
Am I Deserving of the thing I Desire?
Am I Desirous of the thing I Deserve?

INTROSPECTION gives the optimum answer.

At last comes the hardest stage i.e. ACCEPTANCE!
Are we ready to ACCEPT, what our inner self has already answered.

Lies the greatest Contentment!

Between, DESIRE ⬅_______➡ DESERVE
exists a Gap,
that is hard to ACCEPT !!!


~ 5haili