Yes I Fake

I compliment your Looks
To make You feel good about Yourself
You don’t need to Look beautiful to Feel beautiful
Yes I Fake –
For Happiness’s sake.

I let go of the hurt and escape the avenge,
Though being treated ruthlessly 😠
Wouldn’t I be the same person I am cursing?
Yes I Fake –
For my own sake.

I bury my vulnerabilities & pretend to be joyful
Confronting my distress makes me weak and others unease
Yes I Fake –
For solitude’s sake.

On my euphoric day
I show a poker face
To the sad
Yes I Fake –
For Empathy’s sake.

I enshroud my material possessions
From the less privileged
Yes I Fake –
For Humanity’s sake.

My smile and good gestures
To the one, I haven’t forgave within
Yes I Fake –
For kindliness’ sake.

I pretermit my Achievements
To the One, who just failed.
I were him & he will step in my shoes
Yes I Fake –
For Modesty’s sake.

I Abstain from talking about my flourishing Relationship
To the One, who lost his Beloved
Yes I Fake –
For Compassion’s sake.

Dissembling my true self,
I understand Your side,
Though sometimes I don’t :
I opt to listen and not Judge
Yes I Fake –
For benevolence sake.

I am Real,
But Yes, I do Fake –
For a Good Sake!


~ $#@!|_Β‘

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