My Father


The   One,   I   am    Proud,
My SOLE-mate👫 in Crowd 👭👭👬 !

His     incessant    care –
In my worry and despair 😓

His        slight         Grin 😀 –
When I say, We are Akin👥!

My  small little Achievements 💪 –
Are His Treasure & Merriments 🎊!

My Blunders are  Excused 👼 –
Without Me, being Accused!

My  Hunger  rings Bell🔔 –
Rather, in His Mind well!

He, who doesn’t Fail to Discern –
My  much  hidden 😷 Affliction 😓

Whenever I am  up,  for  a    silly  Fantasy 😋
The one, who has my back, despite Apathy 😐

He, who instilled in Me, Good Moral;
To   stand  Upright  and  be  Ethical.

He,   who    protects   me against   Odds;
Ponders about My life & Loves me loads!💝

He, who feeds me with his hand when I fall sick;
Worriedly first aids my bruises & a small Nick.

He, who assists me to set My Goals & encourages My Endeavour,
Also, promotes My Passion📝💃 alongwith My Career 📚 !

Even before I crave My Favorite Dish🍝
He gets me all,that I could ever Wish ✌!

He makes me eat those nutritious food🍎 I Ignore –
Keeping a rigorous check on My Health- score !

He, who keeps his WANT Pending –
In  order  to  foster,  My  Well-being !

He is Honest, He is an Achiever,
He is Modest, He is a Giver,
He is Dynamic, He is Tranquil,
He   is    a    Man  of  Principle!!

My Ideal Role-Model, My Father!! 😍😍 😇😇.

~ 5haili


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13 thoughts on “My Father

  1. This is such a lovely tribute to your father. He is a special person to have a daughter love him this much. Your words touch me for I loved my father greatly too but he left me too soon. You have a gift with words when you speak from your heart! Lovely! Really previous words.

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