Being UNIQUE 👑


It’s indeed CHALLENGING 💪

~ 5haili

2 thoughts on “Being UNIQUE 

  1. Definitely. I still had a talk about this yesterday. In Nigeria, we have different blogs that are thriving because they are based on gossips of the entertainment industry, jokes and relationship articles. My blog is different, it’s challenging because most people around me feels I should go the same way if I will become popular quickly and make money from adverts. However, I choose to be unique, knowing that I will attract the kind of people who will like my blog and it’s content just the way it is.

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    • Yeah! One should go with what his mind is willing to do… strive to be the best version of yourself !!! My blog is Unique too so I chose to name it that way….
      Going with the flow is easy and secure like fastening your seatbelt where you know you cannot be thrashed out …
      Yours is a nice blog! Keep thriving!
      Happy Reading!

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