Optimism 1.0

Whenever I am about to Shut the Door,
An Angel appears 👼

32 thoughts on “Optimism 1.0

  1. Cheerio, Sunshine! Thank You for stopping by my blog and following! Here’s an imaginary cookie for ya. Have a great day/night! πŸ˜€

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  2. This is so true and I have especially found it true during my 11 year recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. An angel has always helped me through each crisis. My first big challenge was when my mother died, triggering a battle with her family. My ex-boyfriend helped me through that. Then when he hit me and smashed up the house and we split up my close friend in recovery helped me through that. Then when I had a nervous breakdown at the end of 2013 I reached out and had multiple people to help me through it.

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    • It’s aweful carolineturriff to read your painful instances but yes angel do appear to take us to the right and beautiful path …
      When we are about to give up, an angel appears to give us strength to hold on and do better.


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